Jobs in China

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The current economic development in China creates tremendous need for different job opportunities regardless of the industry. Getting to know the Chinese culture in a professional business setting and contributing to develop Chinese industry-specific skills is an invaluable and incomparable opportunity for any type of professional.

As a result of unprecedented economic growth and modernization in last twenty years nowadays China offers multiple opportunities for placements and professional jobs, where skilled professionals across a wide range of industries are very welcome. Apart from being financially rewarding working in China offers plenty of other benefits that might interest Canadian professionals. One of the biggest benefits of working in China is that you get to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, gain exceptional work experience, establish reliable network of business contacts and improve intercultural and interpersonal communication skills. 

East West Focus International has connections with Chinas, Foreign Experts bureau and small and medium businesses and can find placement and match skills with the needs of Chinese partners. Our research will produce opportunities for the best salary for candidate’s skills and working experience. It is also worth considering that in most Chinese cities the cost of living is still lower than in Canada. Therefore, reduced cost of living and high salaries will bring excellent financial career benefits for interested professionals.