Exchange Mission

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Study missions and visits facilitate and enhance the effective communication, exchange and collaboration between Canadian and Chinese proffesionals through the provision of a wide range of programs and services.

East West Focus International has a wealth of knowledge, experience and business connections in China and Canada to organize various types of Trade Missions aiming at strengthening and promoting greater economic, business and cultural ties between Canada and China. These Missions allow participants to extend friendship, establish connections, strengthen existing relations, promote Canadian investment products and services, explore opportunities for joint ventures, and source potential suppliers.

Our experience is that Trade missions to China and to Canada from China open doors to high-level networking opportunities and are excellent vehicle for exchange of ideas between leaders of federal, provincial and municipal leaders and business executives and managers from both countries.

It is especially viable opportunity to provide Canadian cities and businesses access and comprehensive insight into the dynamic Chinese market – its vast scale of economy, diversity and potential.

Typically these missions would include

• Participation in a series of business events such as:
   * Meetings with Consular Officials,
   * Local Economic Development Agencies and Business Associations,
   * Briefing on Business Opportunities and Sectoral Information,
   * Visit to Key Industrial Zones,
   * Business Forums and Networking Sessions,
   * Pre-arranged Business Appointments, etc.
• Attendance to Economic and Business Development Forums in major Chinese cities.
• Opportunity to visit your preferred "Sister City" or Partner City in China.

Benefits to the participating members of Trade missions are:
• Foster strong trade and economic ties between cities in Canada and China.
• Create new cooperation opportunities for cities and businesses.
• Lay groundwork and establish relationships with several cities that are considered economic powerhouse in China.
• Meet with companies that are establishing their presence in Canada.
• Opportunity to present a speech and introduce your cities, agencies and businesses.
• Opportunity to showcase your products, services and expertise by hosting and sponsoring Individual Information Session for Chinese partners.

Study Tours and exploratory missions for Chinese partners in Canada are designed to meet the training needs and professional interest of Chinese government officials and managers of public and private enterprises by providing direct exposure and learning opportunities. These types of missions are conceived to address specific needs of our Chinese partners and rely on our network of experts, training professionals and business contacts from all three levels of Canadian government and large and small enterprises.

Missions promote the exchange of information and business linkages aiming at enhancement of economic cooperation and development. Typical duration of these tours is anywhere between one to three weeks and include workshops, seminars on site visits and networking sessions.