Canadian Expert Project

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Experts exchange as a mean of increasing expertise, transparency and mutual understanding between Canada and China is very powerful tool. Leveraging its partnerships with Chinese institutions and officials, we focus on identifying common ground between China and the West and facilitating mutually respectful dialogue and experts exchange.

Since China carried out economic reform and opening up to the outside world in 1978 it started inviting foreign experts to contribute to Chinese economic and social development in the fields of economy, technology, management, education, engineering, science, culture, healthcare, etc. The foreign experts usually work in foreign invested joint-ventures, private industry, state-owned enterprises and key public construction projects. It is estimated that more than 740 thousand experts were engaged in China from 1978.

In 2011 previous premier of China Wen Jiabao said that China welcomed foreigners with expertise to work in the country and will continue to provide them with good working and living conditions because “hard-won development in recent years couldn't have been achieved without the support of foreign experts and friends”.

China is in a critical period of fast growth and transformation. The driving force of its economic prosperity relies increasingly on the development of science and technology and innovation in management, which require high-quality personnel including foreign experts. The Government pursues more favorable policies and creates better conditions that will help attract more foreigners with expertise to work and live in China. We can provide the most rewarding placement which is based on our corporate clients and connections with Chinese firms and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

As it grows in strength, there is an everlasting need for English teaching and tutoring. East West Focus International can help finding a rewarding position to teach English in China. In doing so you will be interacting with the current and future leaders of the country. It is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how Chinese people see the outside world.