Personnel & Technology Exchange

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Experts exchange as a mean of increasing expertise, transparency and mutual understanding between Canada and China is very powerful tool. Leveraging its partnerships with Chinese institutions and officials, we focus on identifying common ground between China and the West and facilitating mutually respectful dialogue and experts exchange.

Since China carried out economic reform and opening up to the outside world in 1978 it started inviting foreign experts to contribute to Chinese economic and social development in the fields of economy, technology, management, education, engineering, science, culture, healthcare, etc. The foreign experts usually work in foreign invested joint-ventures, private industry, state-owned enterprises and key public construction projects. It is estimated that more than 740 thousand experts were engaged in China from 1978.                     

We promote Canada and China human exchange, provide consulting and expertise/technical assistance services to Canadian and Chinese business on leadership training, professional skills development, policy and legislature formulation and public administration, as well as facilitate Canada-China government official visits - coordinate and support government officials' visits for economic promotion and project development purposes.