China Strategy

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As the world continues to experience numerous financial crisis', it is increasingly turning towards China. The outsourced ‘workshop of the world’ has become the world’s great hope for growth, and the source of the capital the West’s indebted economies so desperately need. Simultaneously, very often in Canada in particular, commentators and policymakers have increasingly voiced concerns that the economic clout of a communist superpower might pose a threat to the liberal world order. These contradictory impulses – China as opportunity and China as threat – demonstrate that China is one way or another very important.

But what about China as a business partner?

In our vision of China as a partner and China as a tremendous business opportunity we operate with presumptions of open and competitive China, globally integrated China willing to compete in quality of its goods and inventions -- not “scary” China with hidden agenda of domination and super power ambitions.

China's rapid economic growth for more than two decades has multiplied personal wealth and household income and in doing so opened itself as a largest market for foreign products. Chinese are slowly establishing themselves as one of the largest consumers of fine quality products. Sheer size of Chinese market in this trend of rising consumerism however does not mean that it is a market only for “big boys”. Canadian image and respect it enjoys in current Chinese public perception, based on the number of Canadians of Chinese descent and ever increasing number of young Chinese studying in Canada open doors for small and medium size companies to successfully operate in China.

On the other side a complex and in some cases uneven regulatory regime discourages many Canadian SMEs from entering or expanding their business in China. Therefore East West Focus International mission is to equip SMEs with the tools to navigate a challenging business environment in China. Acting as a bridge between Canadian SMEs and the China market we are trying to help in defining and fine tuning China Strategy by providing the following services:

  • Access to China focused databases and directories, research tools, databases, market analysis and other information resources
  • Training services, informational briefings and tutorials on issues critical to China success
  • Matches to potential business partners, China-based service providers, investors and potential customers and on-he-ground assistance and advocacy on behalf of clients with Chinese government officials to help win deals in China
  • Assistance with basic requirements such as visas, travel arrangement and other logistical requirements as well as Business support services in China – Office space / function room rental / virtual office/ business services (legal, accounting, HR, etc.)/secretarial services
  • Participation and organization of trade delegations led by Canadian government officials to introduce clients to prospective Chinese partners and Chinese government officials
  • Better coordination with Canadian federal, provincial and municipal trade offices on the ground in China



EWF Virtual CBDO acts as a Chief Business Development Office for companies that don’t require hiring a full-time staff to manage business development initiatives and projects in China. This service is ideal for companies that may or may not have internal staff or business partners with China experience and business development capability, but require senior level strategy and marketing expertise. The services are also intended for companies seeking a fresh set of eyes with respect to China opportunities.

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