China Business Development Virtual Office

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EWFVirtual CBDacts as a Chief Business Development Office for companies that don’t require hiring a full-time staff to manage business development initiatives and projects in China. This service is ideal for companies that may or may not have internal staff or business partners with China experience and business development capability, but require senior level strategy and marketing expertise. The services are also intended for companiesseeking a fresh set of eyes with respect to China opportunities.


WHAT WE DO as your Virtual CBDO:


 I.              China Readiness Package: ( Selling your products & services):



II.            China Market-entry Strategy:


III.           Sourcing and Manufacturing Partner:




IV.           China Business Development in Action:





Benefits of East West Focus CBDO

There are many reasons to work with a Virtual CBDO in China. You need a professional Officer with extensive knowledge and expertise to approach the targeted market precisely. CBDO extends your networks and provides current, and insight contributing to your company's future success. Your CBDO, by its very nature, is exposed to a variety of businesses and the latest and greatest of business technology, concepts and ideas from a wide variety of fields. As a result, your Virtual CBDO brings innovations and a unique strategy to the corporation's CHINA focus.

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