Canada-China Expert Alliance

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Canada-China Expert Alliance’s serve as a platform to promote exchange of technology knowhow, sector expertise, enhance global competitiveness, encourage linkage and strengthen mutual understanding between Canada and China. The main goal is to foster and speed up growth of the two economies and general social development.  Leveraging its partnerships with our Chinese partner institutions and departments, we focus on identifying common ground between China and the West and facilitating mutually respectful dialogue and expert’s exchange.

Since China carried out economic reform and opening up to the outside world in 1978 it started inviting foreign experts to contribute to Chinese economic and social development in the fields of economic development, technology, management, education, engineering, science, culture and healthcare, etc. In 2011 previous premier of China Wen Jiabao said that China welcomed foreigners with expertise to work in the country and will continue to provide them with good working and living conditions because “hard-won development in recent years couldn't have been achieved without the support of foreign experts and friends”.

In the last decade China is in a critical period of fast growth and transformation. The driving force of its economic prosperity relies increasingly on the betterment of public sector, development of science and technology and innovation in management, which require high-quality personnel and outside perspective which include foreign experts.

East West Focus International brings a seasoned public and market-focused business perspective to the programs it implements. We deliver quality interventions by executives from Canada's most successful companies and public sector organizations. Our emphasis is on specific, clearly stated, measurable results. We can also provide the most rewarding placement which is based on our corporate clients and connections with Chinese firms and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. It is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how Chinese enhance their global vision. EWF is focusing on public and private sector growth in China by helping create stronger and more viable organizations and communities and building relationships that improve the capacities of its Chinese partners. We support and catalyze the development of private enterprises, business support organizations, financial entities, and public institutions by offering Canadian expertise. Over the years, we’ve implemented many projects which left mark in successful practice in Chinese public and state owned organizations.

Our projects are usually for short-term (a few working days up to a few weeks) and for longer-term missions (part-time or up to a month deployment). Short-term expert missions may include setting up and executing training, providing advice and monitoring or evaluating projects. Long term-missions usually involve thematic approach with concrete working arrangement.

 Our primary service areas are: economic development, urban planning, management in pubic administration, emergency management, production safety, food security, international trade & marketing, strategic planning, business development, international investment, organizational development, community development, resource management, agri-business, education and social media for global business, social media in information technology…etc.