Business Development

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Understanding the China market is a challenging task.  Our team's consulting experience gained over more than twenty years involvment in China, and extensive market knowledge and business networks are aimed to help clients grasp the complexities and nuances of the China market.

We serve companies that are considering entering the market with little or no knowledge about China as well as companies who have an established presence in China and are looking for new growth opportunities. We also work closely with many governmental organizations involved in foreign trade, expert's exchange and training.

Each project is customized to the client's specific needs and objectives - with no pre-packaged solution - to help clients develop optimal solutions for entry and growth in the China market.

Our main activities are aimed at developing and implementing growth opportunities in China. Our main concern is to help our clients with the analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities in China. In this process, subsequently we provide support and monitor its implementation.

In the development phase we start from the simplest of questions "how do we make money" and the implementation phase later incorporates close collaboration and integration of the knowledge and feedback from the client to assure that it is capable of implementing the growth opportunity successfully.

Considering specifics and uniqueness of China’s market we help in:

  • Defining current market/customer set;
  • Consulting on various market-wise directions;
  • Setting clients advantages as distinction from the competition;
  • Guidenance in process of establishing networking in China Market;
  • Help identifying potential opportunities;
  • Identify local Chinese and foreign competitors.