China Trade Mission

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In partner with the Greater Toronto Chinese Business Association. Our core team has successfully organized and implemented two China Tarde Missions in 2010 and 2013. 


Launched and implemented 2010, 2013 China Trade Mission. The Missions achieved excellent outcomes and receiving exceptional remarks from delegate members and all levels of government both from China and Canada.

The  China Trade Mission Program aims at further strengthening and promoting greater economic, business and cultural ties between Canada and China. The Mission will allow participants to extend friendship, establish connections, strengthen existing relations, promote Canadian investment products and services, explore opportunities for joint ventures, and source potential suppliers.

The Mission to one of the world’s fastest-growing markets will open doors to high-level networking opportunities and exchange new ideas with international governmental and business leaders.  It will provide Canadian cities and businesses new access and comprehensive insight into the dynamic Chinese market – its vast scale of economy, diversity and potential.  Don’t miss this gateway to lucrative business opportunities.  

Highlights of Mission Activities:

  Participate in series of business events such as:

  • Meetings with Canadian officials in China,
  • Contact with local Economic Development Departments and Business Associations
  • Briefing on Business Opportunities and Sector Information in Canada and in China,
  • Visit to Key Industrial Zones,
  • Signature Business & Investment Forum and Networking Sessions,
  • Pre-arranged Business Appointments, etc.

  The privilege of attending the Mission’s feature event :

  • Economic and Business Development Forum in Beijing,
  • Networking and Information sessions in all cities visiting.
  • Opportunity to visit your preferred “Sister City” or Partner City.

Benefits to the Delegates:

  •   Foster strong trade and economic ties between cities in Canada and China.
  •   Create new cooperation opportunities for cities and businesses.
  •   Lay groundwork and establish relationships with several cities that are considered economic powerhouse in China.
  •   Meet with companies that are establishing their presence in Canada.

  Opportunity to  present a speech and introduce your cities, agencies and businesses


          2010 - China Trade Mission (Beijing Forum)                                                     2012 - China Trade Mission (Beijing Forum)













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